Impact Engineering of Composite Structures. Serge Abrate

Impact Engineering of Composite Structures

ISBN: 3709105226,9783709105221 | 411 pages | 11 Mb

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Impact Engineering of Composite Structures Serge Abrate
Publisher: Springer

A constant concern is the effect of foreign object impacts on composite structures because significant damage can occur and yet be undetectable by visual inspection. We are able to design and engineer complex structures and shapes that are either fully composite or require composite components, for any industry, from civil and architectural to marine through transportation. On the one hand, the textile-like dense continuous fiber-reinforced structures are difficult to shape, on the other, joining the continuous fibers with a highly viscous thermoplastic matrix material is a highly complex process. The fundamentals of blast simulation For blast impact simulation, the complexity of the problem lies in the following. Impact Engineering of Composite Structures (Repost). €�When composite materials first were introduced as structural components, designers and engineers were using such high safety factors that they didn't need to look at cyclic failure [failure caused by repeated use],” Oskay says. Our focus is to design structures optimized to the client's requirements using the unique advantages offered by composite materials such as freedom of form, light weight, stiffness, corrosion resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation and low impact on the environment. The book provides an introduction to the mechanics of composite materials, composed for graduate college students and practitioners in business. Composites are used extensively in engineering applications. Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Michigan. €�As we get more confidence with the materials, it becomes “We're trying to bring the impact of multiscale modeling, which has had a tremendous impact on academia, to something that can be useful in industry. The design of composite structures for blast mitigation has been focused on two fields: structural shape design to deflect the blast energy, and composite material design for blast energy absorption. Dongying Jiang and Yuanyuan structure coupling problems.

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